Dash’s Sister

Dash, the adorable pup, just can’t wait for his sister, Penny, to come visit!  Dash has planned the most perfect day full of exciting activities. There’s just one problem: Penny is too scared to try them. Will Dash be able to encourage Penny to come out of her shell and try new things? ls Penny going to overcome her fears so she can join in on the fun?

Join Dash in this beautifully illustrated, rhyming tale about being brave and overcoming your fears.

Dash’s Christmas

Dash, the jolly little pup, can’t wait to get ready for Christmas day. Dash is in the Christmas spirit as he decorates his house, bakes some cookies, and trims his tree. Everything looks perfect, but Dash knows something is missing and not quite right. Will Dash figure out what’s missing this holiday season so he can have the merriest Christmas?

Join Dash in this fun, festive, rhyming tale as he works hard to create the best Christmas and discover just what fills his heart the most this time of year.

Dash’s Week

Dash, the adorable dog, loves adventure; his far-fetched imagination takes him on a new journey every day of the week. Join Dash in this rhyming tale as he becomes a pirate, superhero, and many other wonderful characters to help those in need. When faced with a challenge, Dash doesn’t just roll over!  

The days of the week have never been so much fun! Dash teaches young readers about kindness and how every good deed—big or small—makes a difference. Anyone can be a hero just like Dash!